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Like nothing you’ve tried before... Afterburn Fitness gives you all of the tools you need to finally reach and maintain your goals: Its like having a trainer, a nutritionist and a gym membership all for $99/month.

What makes Afterburn Fitness different?

  • Scientifically designed group workouts tailored to fit your individual goals and needs
  • Comprehensive, personalized nutritional program and guidance
  • Convenient online tracking of your meals, workouts, body fat %, weight, and everything else!
  • Program and nutritional evaluations every 90 days included with all memberships
  • State-of-the-art BOD POD body fat testing
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Scientifically Designed Workouts and Programs

All of our programs are designed with science in mind. The concept of muscle confusion has long been a proven science in creating consistent and continous gains to a persons physique and fitness by not allowing the body to plateau. Afterburn Fitness has perfected this along all different types of workouts. We accomplish this by switching up various mechanics, rep ranges, exercises and intensities on a monthly basis. This provides constant progression as well as the variety both your mind and body require to keep those gains coming all while staying motivated.

Get  Vertimax  Only at Afterburn Fitness & Get Bigger, Stronger, Faster

VertiMax is the leading sports training system used by the NFL, NBA and Division 1 college athletics programs to develop players' game dominating speed and explosive hitting power. VertiMax is the fastest, most effective way to improve an athlete's 40 yard dash, vertical jump, first step quickness, and offensive/defensive play making abilities. Call now to reserve your sport-specific, strength conditioning workout with Vertimax expert and Afterburn Fitness trainer, Real Andrews.

Unsure of Which Supplements are Right for You?

There are a lot of supplements out there and selecting the right ones will make a significant difference. We will clear up all your questions and let you know what is best for you based on your body type and individual goals. We have a complete line of the best supplements available and we guarantee the lowest prices in the SCV.

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Gym Membership

  • Scientifically designed workouts
  • Fitness program to fit your individual goals
  • Personalized nutritional program and guidance
  • Convenient online tracking of meals, workouts, body fat %, and weight!
  • Fitness and nutritional updates
  • Cutting-edge body fat testing
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Full locker room with showers
  • Referral program
  • And Much More...

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Don't forget to treat your body to a relaxing massage. Massage helps your muscles recover in order to maximize your workouts.

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