Your Mind, Body, Soul & You

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Everyone wants an effective solution for their body. One that can keep them rejuvenated, motivated, and satisfied all while keeping them happy about their bodies. These four needs can be gauged on four different parameters: your mind, body, soul and you.

It's important to strike a balance between all four Afterburn fitness can help the local Santa Clarita community do just that.

Body (Rejuvenation)

At Afterburn Fitness, located near Santa Clarita we have employed various standards as well as unconventional procedures to reach the optimum level of fitness for your body. Never forget, your body is your temple. Just because you are desperate to lose weight doesn't mean you need to push your body past its breaking point. Nothing happens overnight, transforming your body takes time. One should aim at rejuvenation, as completely draining yourself isn't always what's best for your body.

Mind (Motivation)

The mind needs motivation to keep planning for the future. A motivated mind looks forward to the next day with enthusiasm. In our fitness center, close to Santa Clarita, we make sure that your mind's outlook remains positive, keeping you motivated. Our blend of several modules guarantees your spirits are never low and your mind isn't afraid of the workout that lies ahead.

Soul (Satisfaction)

Satisfaction is just as important as losing weight or gaining muscles. Your soul demands a certain portion of your attention. Maybe you don't like to follow the beating path, getting satisfaction from doing things your own way. For instance, only doing free hand exercises might be more fulfilling to you than lifting heavy weights.

You (Happiness)

Everyone is looking for happiness. There may be certain troubles or crises in your life but the moment you enter a gym, you suspend everything for a brief period of time. Happiness matters above all else and a good fitness center like ours near Santa Clarita can give you that.

At Afterburn fitness center around Santa Clarita we aim to provide you fitness in its entirety.

Gym Membership

  • Scientifically designed workouts
  • Fitness program to fit your individual goals
  • Personalized nutritional program and guidance
  • Convenient online tracking of meals, workouts, body fat %, and weight!
  • Fitness and nutritional updates
  • Cutting-edge body fat testing
  • Before and after pictures
  • Fit test results
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Full locker room with showers
  • Referral program
  • And Much More...

All for $99 a Month!


  • Personal training
  • Corporate Discounts
  • Youth workout classes
  • Afterburn Kids Club
  • Police, Fire, Military and Family discounts available

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